My proposition

I offer not-for-profit organisations strategic and proactive help at times of increased need. We work together to help them achieve greater social and community impact for their beneficiaries. When garnering support, we demonstrate why their work is important and, by highlighting how this aligns with supporters' own values, persuading funders from all appropriate sources, to give support.

Working with clients, I deliver quality, impartial and practical advice, leading to the delivery of a set of realistic fundraising objectives, with the resources available. Within a framework of rigorous attention to detail, I bring imagination and lateral thinking to the most difficult situations and it is always part of my aim, to build a client's capacity for future challenges by transferring knowledge during our time. 

An exploratory first contact by phone or email will establish needs, skills fit and timescales. 

Currently, most meetings are being conducted on Zoom, Microsoft Teams or another preferred platform.

An additional resource

Tasks I can undertake, as a fully outsourced fundraising service or as a complement to your existing fundraising resources include, but are not limited to, the following:

Compile a clear brief and identify the desired outcomes

Conduct a fundraising review and SWOT* analysis ​​

Create a fundraising strategy

Create a compelling 'case for support' for your work

Research, identification and matching of supporter groups

Bid writing, submission & progress to final award decision

Contact and stewarding of individual supporters

Administration of donations within GDPR protocols

Copy writing for printed & digital material

Interim progress reports with clear next steps

Fundraising event design and coordination

*SWOT - Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

Raising funds and adding value

As a member of the Chartered Institute of Fundraising (MCIOF) I follow the industry’s Code of Fundraising Practice and  work within current data, legal and tax laws.

I work exhaustively to uncover, persuade and enlist the most appropriate support for my clients, in line with their overall strategy or project specific goals.

The general public is a generous supporter of UK charity and in 2021, the digital platforms will be increasingly important in terms of accessing support, from all generations. Platforms include:


Crowdfunder | Just Giving | Facebook | Instagram |Twitch

Institutional support we would research for relevance and fit


Statutory | Trusts  | Corporates| Major & Individual donors

If value can be added to a project’s successful outcome, I have access to an experienced professional network of contacts and associates built up over many years and encompassing many sectors.